Raonador del Ciutadà – Ombudsman

Do you have a complaint or claim against an institution or body of Andorra?

What are the functions of the Ombudsman?

The mission of the Ombudsman is to defend the rights and freedoms of the citizens in relation to the actions of the public and parapublic administrations.

If you have any problem that you consider has not received deserved attention or you have not been able to solve, the Institution will manage your complaints.

All the administrations, organisms and public and parapublic bodies are bound to collaborate with the Ombudsman in managing your complaints.

With the reform of the Law on the creation and functioning of the Ombudsman in October 2017 new functions were included.

By this text, the Institution was also given the task of protecting the Convention on the rights of people with functional disability as well as informing and giving assistance to the victims of racism or discrimination. It also extended the competence of the Institution to include private matters regarding children, people with functional disability and the struggle against discrimination.

Furthermore, the Ombudsman Institution broadens its competence receiving and dealing with complaints and claims concerning relations between citizens and private individuals or entities, as well as public administrations and other public entities and organisms. This applies to the proper performance of the functions relating the fight against racism, intolerance and discrimination, as well as those relating the defence and protection of the rights of children and people with functional diversity.

In which cases can he intervene?

The Ombudsman can intervene in all those cases in which the public or parapublic administration could infringe upon human rights.

He can also counsel you or give you the information necessary in order to resolve your complaint.

In which cases can he not intervene?

The Ombudsman cannot annul or modify any administrative act.

Complaints involving Justice will be transferred to the High Council of Justice.

How can you make a claim?

Claims CANNOT be anonymous, they must be made in writing and they must include the personal details of the person making the complaint and the reasons for the claim.

They can be made personally at the Ombudsman Office or they can be sent by postal mail, fax or email. Otherwise, you can fill in the form in the website.

Who can make a complaint?

Anyone who is interested in asking the Ombudsman for aid can do it, whatever their nationality, condition or parish of residence.

From the age of 12, children and teenagers can be directly assisted by the Ombudsman, without their parents, representatives or legal tutors having to be present.

How does the process work?

First, you will have a personal interview with the Ombudsman. Within a maximum of 13 working days, you will be informed whether your claim has been accepted or not.

If your claim is accepted, The Ombudsman will start the corresponding administrative inquiry.

The power of the Ombudsman lies in his persuasion skills. In his resolutions, he draws attention to irregular situations and makes appropriate recommendations for the administrations to correct them. He can also suggest to introduce changes or legal modifications in those regulations where there is a breach of human rights. The Ombudsman does not impose, nor does he sanction or deliver judgement.

Every year the Ombudsman appears before the Andorran Parliament to account for the actions carried out by the Institution.